Jason Ratzlaff

Jason Ratzlaff

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Engineer, Inventor, Leader

I am Jason Ratzlaff @ Parkktech.com

Jason has been a lead software developer or architect in many very high-end companies.

He has worked for some of the most reputable software agencies in the nation on some of the most well-known companies in the nation.

Having been the lead developer on websites like Yamaha, Applied Materials, Coffee Bean, Evolution of Smooth “EOS”, Simple Human, Rubies, The House of Staunton we can say he has experience with enterprise-level solutions and the experience to maintain security, scalability, continuous deployments, unit testing and skill to solve complex problems in a timely manner.

  • Age 44
  • Residence Phoenix, AZ
  • Address 1928 N St Exupery Dr
  • e-mail jasonratz@gmail.com
  • Phone On Request
  • Skype intellect.inc
  • Freelance Available


Magento Development

Magento Development

I have been a certified Magento developer since 2011 and worked on some of the largest Magento websites on the internet.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

I have built Android and iOS for many specialty applications and also have patented some mobile technology of my own.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Whether it's a middleware solution for your business, customer reporting,, complex business process, Virtual Reality, AI or Blockchain I have experience with some really interesting solution.



I have been in charge of building applications that require very high-level security and need to pass, PCI, NIST, GDPR, DFARS, CMMC, SOC2, ISO, penetration testing and more.



Fun Facts

Happy Clients


Happy Clients


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35 Years of Experience

Jason Ratzlaff

5515 Forked Horn Place, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone: (805) 610-2074 Email: jasonratz@gmail.com

Career Accomplishments:

Created custom Magento e-commerce solutions with supporting CRM, SAP, POS, and ERP
system integrations for over 24 clients, representing over $65 million in revenues
▪ Created custom Middleware for Warehouse and accounting integrations that moves order
info from and to Magento and Magento2 through Fishbowl, ShipStation, and QuickBooks.
▪ Built Enterprise Magento and Magento 2 websites for the likes of usa.yamaha.com,
www.rubies.com, www.simplehuman.com, www.evolutionofsmooth.com,
store.coffeebean.com, and many more.
▪ Led international teams of development professionals from over 15 distinct cultures on over
50 major projects.
▪ Created custom Magento Extension products line that has driven over $1 million in sales
▪ Built a custom collection account system that sits between banks and debt collectors to
create settlement offers and automate the process of collection and payments.


▪ Windows 10, Windows 8, Win7/ XP/Vista, Win 2003 Server, Server 2008, Ubuntu
▪ MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Groove, Photoshop, Illustrator,
▪ Firewalls and VPN
▪ Ethernet (Gigabit/Fast Ethernet)
▪ WSL – Windows Sub System Linux

Employment History:

2020-2023 - Executive VP of Engineering – Phillips & Cohen - phillips-cohen.com

Responsibility: I built a team to launch 5 software products from scratch. I architected the
technology stack as well as set up all aspects of the development pipeline. I worked directly with
the existing clients to fix this workflow into their processes as well as maintained international
compliance and Pen testing, I was also responsible for working with patent attorneys to protect
the intellectual property of these projects.
▪ Implemented Git, CI, Jira, Slack, and a cohesive workflow with 20
developers for the full development cycle, from Task, Development, QA, and
▪ Hired domestic developers as well as international agencies for support
▪ In just 2 short years was able to get 3 of the five products to market and
contracts with Major Banks such as Westpac, Merrick, Best Egg, and E.ON
▪ Built software that was compliant in Canada, the United States, the United
Kingdom, and Australia.

2017-2023 - Magento Lead - The House of Staunton - Houseofstaunton.com

Responsibility: For maintaining Magento as well as building and implementing a middleware
solution that would move orders, tracking, and inventory to and from the warehouse systems such
as Fishbowl and ShipStation I was also responsible for the Magento 2 upgrade.
▪ Implemented a Git strategy for the full development cycle with multiple
▪ Built many custom extensions for both Magento 1 and 2 that follow best
practices and improved the reliability and performance of the site.
▪ Built a Middleware system that communicated all inventory, shipping, and
tracking information to and from the warehouse.
▪ Implemented Continuous Integration using GitHub actions to auto-deploy
approved code changes.
▪ I was on a continuous retainer to support the Custom Middleware I had built
in 2017 until they got on to NetSuite

2017- 2018 - Magento Lead Developer - Hathway Inc. “wearehathway.com NOW www.bounteous.com”

Responsibility: Fix a Magento 2 implementation that was put together by very unqualified
developers. Get the site into a stable working state to regain client confidence.
▪ Implemented a Git strategy for the full development cycle with multiple
▪ Rebuilt many custom extensions to follow Magento 2 best practices and
improved the reliability and performance of the site.
▪ Built a 3rd party gift card system using Stored Value Solutions API that
worked across all channels from Web, and Mobile to Point of Sale.
▪ Built a subscription system to allow customers to subscribe to the products of
their choice.

Professional Summary:

I’m a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in pioneering technology solutions that
have driven millions of dollars in revenue for clients. I am a recognized leader in integrating and
implementing technical e-commerce solutions primarily using Magento that includes SAP, ERP,
CRM, and hundreds of other custom extensions to meet my client’s custom needs. I am a cyber
security-savvy, technology-savvy, business-minded Engineer with exceptional interpersonal skills.

SEO/Internet Marketing

▪ Affiliate Networking: On-staff management for some of the major affiliate networks
including, Commission Junction, and Clickbank.
▪ Active SEO “Target Testing of New Search Technology updates”.
▪ Trained and managed cross-culturally with teams in India, Russia, Mexico, Iceland, Spain,
China, and Dubai.
▪ Experience in Black-hat protection and countermeasures.


▪ Pre-wire Networks
▪ Punch Blocks, Ton Tracers, Repeaters, CSU/DSU’s, Professional Modular Plug Crimper
▪ Implemented SNMP on devices to allow for network management
▪ Large Scale wireless installation and Tower Construction

2016-2017 - Magento Lead Developer - Guidance

Responsibility: Worked on multiple projects as a lead developer.
▪ Finished Magento 2 Training
▪ Successfully mastered Magento 2 backend development.
▪ Build about a dozen Magento 2 extensions
▪ Was responsible for leading 5 Magento2 and Magento2 B2B projects

2011-2016 - Developer to Chief Technical Officer - Strattas

Responsibility: Oversee software development as Lead Developer and CTO, from scope to
▪ Launched a series of Magento Extensions and lead generation systems for
various industries to create a re-sellable product
▪ Managed international teams of 15+ individuals
▪ Supervised the creation of over $3 million in revenue
▪ Became certified as a Magento Plus Developer

2009-2011 - Vice President of Marketing / Consultant - Majon International

Responsibility: Recruited to lead a team of programmers, designers, and SEO professionals to
execute and build an AdSense-based business model.
▪ Built and maintained an E-commerce Platform to Sell the SEO services offered by Majon
▪ Built a new business model and framework deployed to use Google AdSense organic
▪ Generated over $20k per month in the first 3 months
▪ The product continues to drive reoccurring monthly revenue toda

2008-2009 - Chief Financial Officer - Deweye

Responsibility: Recruited by CEO to streamline business and financial processes
▪ Led company restructuring that brought all accounts current, alleviated delinquencies,
and provided a futuristic accounting model

2005-2008 - Founder/ Owner - Flatrox

Responsibility: Create technologies to create a strong website presence for Ultimate
PC (previously founded company) to expand from brick-and-mortar-only sales to
digital commerce
• Built the Magento sites to host 30,000 Sku’s
• Generated $100k in sales per month within 2 months
• Outranked Best Buy on Google for competitive keywords


Paul Fiumano
(727) 492-5356
The House of Staunton
Shawn Sullivan (256) 503-7369
https://www. houseofstaunton.com
Jennifer Calise (908) 884-0324
Sean Brown
Sean Browne (415) 796-3376
Randy Fair (719) 964-7810
http://www. deweye.com

Professional Summary:


▪ Magento “Certified Magento Plus”
▪ Magento 2 trained
and experienced
▪ Laravel
▪ Lumen
▪ Android
▪ Drupal
▪ WordPress
▪ C#
▪ HTML, CSS, JavaScript
▪ Java


▪ PHP Storm
▪ Linux, Cent OS, Ubuntu
▪ Git, SVN, Beanstalk
▪ LAMP/Cpanel/WHM
▪ Docker
▪ Vagrant
▪ Slack
▪ Jenkins
▪ Jira
▪ Sql YOG
▪ SQL Administrator
▪ SEO “Search engine optimization” Coding
▪ Eclipse IDE
▪ Xamarin
▪ And much more..

Technical Training

▪ PHP “Certified Magento Plus”

▪ Completed Magento2 training
▪ Computer Programming “Basic”
▪ Online Harvard Class - CS 50
▪ Computer Science 1: Programming - CSCI 1300-100
▪ Computer Science 2: Data Structures - CSCI 2270-010
▪ MCSE: Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
▪ Java
▪ Landmark Educations: Introduction Forum
▪ Landmark Education: Advanced Communication Course
▪ Landmark Education: Self-Expression Leadership Course
▪ Engineering 27& 28/ Autocad 2D/3D
▪ Engineering Certified in Solidworks Advanced Parts & Assemblies
▪ Class “A” driver’s license
▪ CDF Equipment Maintenance
▪ CDF Hazardous Materials – Operations
▪ Fire Service Management
▪ Incident Command System Training
▪ Heavy Equipment Operator / Certified Welder
▪ An extensive list of over 50 additional certifications is available upon request.


My Best Works
Applied Materials
Applied Materials
Evolution of Smooth
Evolution of Smooth
Spark Tech
Spark Tech
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean


Get in Touch

Get in Touch

If you are looking for some advice. Software help or anythign else feel free to drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phoenix, AZ
On Request
Freelance Available

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